Monday, August 18, 2014

Casual Striped Top with applier HUD's Galore!

Wow time flies! But finally something new from Solange.  This release is full of applier mania as there are so many amazing mesh products coming out! 

This top works for Classic Avatars and the Mesh Avatars specified below:
TheMeshProject Body
Lolas Tango/Mirage/Delicq Mesh Breasts

**You do NOT need mesh breasts or a mesh body to wear this design**

Outfit includes the following in all four colors:
Top (all clothing layers)

Appliers included for all four colors:
Lolas Tango/Mirage/Delicq (Top/Bra)
WowMeh (Looser/Skinny)
Slink PHYSIQUE (Top/Bra)
TheMeshProject (Loose/Tight)

You can purchase it on SL Marketplace or at the main Solange! store at Dream on Bay

Monday, February 17, 2014

Solange! VIP Group Gift

There is a new Solange! Fashions VIP Group Gift out at the main Solange! Fashions store at Dream on Bay.  Be sure to wear your VIP tag before clicking the box.



Monday, February 10, 2014

NEW! Balance Lingerie from Solange!

Just in time for Valentine's Day!  Solange's Balance Lingerie, the perfect mix of naughty and nice.

Buy in Second Life:
Solange! Fashions Main Store

Buy on SL Marketplace:
Balance Lingerie on SLM

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Solange 3 Day Special Silk Sale!

Visit Solange! Fashions Main Store by clicking this LINK.

The Summer Clearance Sale is officially over, the old shoe department is closed, and the bargain basement has been cleared of the old inventory and stuffed with all the new mark downs.

Now it's time for the fun new stuff!
But first...

I'm having a 3 day special sale in the silk department. I've left the sale tags on in that department PLUS put ALL the other silks at 50% off as well. But ONLY for three days. After that everything goes back to full price.

Grab 'em while they're cheap!

THREE DAY SPECIAL only applies at the main Solange! Fashions store at Dream On Bay. (see landmark provided at the top of this notice)

THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS ARE NOT INCLUDED: All Satellite stores and SL Marketplace


Friday, June 07, 2013


The SOLANGE SUMMER SALE starts NOW! (June 7, 2013) and ends in a week or two.  I haven't decided yet!

♥ Over 50% of the store has been marked down, reduced or set to clearance pricing! Streetwear, Fantasy, Petites, Menswear, shoes.. all of them except jewelry! ♥

♥ 10L - All shoes and most bargain basement items have been reduced to 10L and will no longer be sold after the sale ends. ♥

♥ 100L - Select items in the store have been marked down to 100L and most will be moved to the Bargain Basement when the sale ends. ♥

♥ 50% OFF - TONS of items in the store have been marked half off for the sale.  Prices will return to normal after the sale ends SO GRAB THEM NOW! ♥

Sale only applies at the main Solange! Fashions store at Dream On Bay.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Solange! does the Tango


1.  The Carnal Lingerie has been updated to include **Tango Mesh Breast Appliers in both the in world store boxes and those on SL Marketplace.

2.  If you bought this outfit before 12/10/12 use the redelivery terminal at the front of the main Solange! store to obtain your FREE update with the Tango Appliers.

3. If you bought this outfit on SL Marketplace previously and want your FREE Tango Appliers for this design, send a notecard with your purchase details to Solange Cerveau.

4. Want an applier for a specific outfit? Send me your wish list on a notecard and I'll do those most in demand first.


IMPORTANT:  Tango Appliers ONLY work with Lolas Brand "Tango" and do not support any other Lolas product or any other brand at this time.


**Tango Mesh Breasts are NOT sold at Solange! Fashions.  Please visit Lolas! or contact the Lolas! creator for information on their product. 


Saturday, December 08, 2012

Solange! Innocence Christmas Tango

Just a quick snapshot (modded in PS of course :P) to let you all know I updated my Christmas Silk from last year to include the Tango Appliers for Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts and it's in the store now. YAY!

It is also updated on SL Marketplace:

If you purchased this outfit in store last Christmas grab your FREE update by using the LIMITED Delivery Terminal at the front of the store (the LIMITED Delivery Terminal is the smaller one under the Main Delivery Terminal).

If you purchased this on SL Marketplace you just need to send me a notecard with the Transaction Info and I'll send you the update (I wish SL Marketplace had a redelivery option for customers as this would make life so much simpler!)

Outfit: *Solange!* Innocence Christmas Silk 2011 - Red/Green (now with Tango Appliers!)
Skin: Curio
Hair: Elikatira
Eyes: Ikon
Pose: Everglow